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What's up with Fintech? 

If there’s one thing I talk about on every single Fintech sales call, it’s this:

Fintech content marketing is replete with opportunity. It’s a content greenfield in the best possible way. 

Here’s why:

1. Fintech, as a concept, is positioned to disrupt. Technology is driving an understanding of finance into the layperson’s hands. Finance and financial education is being democratized, and people are actively looking up content to educate themselves. 

2. There are very few leaders in the space. 

Thought leaders in sales? 20 new ones for every time I refresh my LinkedIn page. 

Thought leaders in finance? Almost 0. 

It’s incredibly difficult to find new content around interesting finance concepts (even ones that are trending). It's an avalanche of the same opinions rehashed and repeated. 

3. One area where fintech is making waves is in lending. Online lending platforms are making it easier for small businesses and consumers to access credit. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as fintech companies are also finding ways to innovate in areas like insurance and wealth management.

4. Another exciting trend in fintech is its expansion to new markets, particularly in emerging economies. Fintech companies are leveraging technology to drive financial inclusion and promote economic growth in these areas, providing new opportunities for content marketers to highlight these innovations.

Ready to start creating Fintech content?

I’ve worked with Fintech brands like Pipe, Chime, and Oracle NetSuite.

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