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Here's who I am & what I do

I am a freelance B2B SaaS writer for clients like Klaviyo, Litmus, Dooly and a writer for the SaaS Nordic CEO and Executive Network.

I use design thinking to write research-driven and value-packed content for B2B SaaS brands.


Camille Trent

Head of Content, Dooly

Bani is super reliable and thorough. Typically, you get to pick two of these three with freelance writers (speed, quality, and reliability). Bani is all three. She's organized, thorough, responsive and, most importantly, knows how to write. She's especially good with long-form SEO that actually reads well, a rare skill these days. Would absolutely recommend.


Aaron Orendorff

Head of Content, Recart 

Former Head of Content, ShopifyPlus

Bani's at the top of my list for SEO-minded, thought-leadership-driven, written-content-smashing writers.


Kaleigh Moore

Forbes Retail Writer

Bani does great work, delivers on time, and is super easy to work with. Highly recommend.


Lia Parisyan

VP of Content Marketing, Insider

Bani is a terrific writer and researcher. I hired her to work on a pillar post for a highly competitive keyword. She  went charging ahead and delivered a spectacular piece of content that's ranking number two with minimal backlinks.


Zac Harris

Head of Demand Gen,

Your work on the ChatGPT pieces was great and much appreciated! I am excited to publish them and see how they perform when we launch chat!


Ben Pines

Head of Content, Wordtune and AI21 Labs

Bani amazes me with her content. Her articles were just what I was looking for, and once I recognized her I remember writing simply: "I want more".

For me, Bani re-establishes the belief that content will stay a valuable asset, irreplaceable by formulas, templates, freelance marketplaces and even AI.


Tawni Sattler

Editorial Team Lead, Hotjar

You've done a great job on the final draft!


Nicole Bennett

Content Manager, Vena 

Great work. Your grasp of our product and value proposition is impressive, especially for your first piece!


Naomi Stol Zamir

Head of Marketing Comms, Cloudshare

"Bani's a fabulous writer, a gifted editor, and an absolute pleasure to work with."

Trcey .png

Tracey Wallace

Director of Content, Klaviyo

Bani goes above and BEYOND!


Tommy Walker

Former Head of Content, CXL, Intuit Quickbooks, ShopifyPlus

Bani is absolutely incredible, and anyone would be wise to bring them into their team! Her reputation proceeds her with her ability to create great content, and I 100% vouch for her work. 

Erin Balsa.png

Erin Balsa

Former Marketing Director, Predictive Index 

Bani can organize information logically so her articles follow a story arc. Her writing is clear, and she's able to write in a conversational tone. If you have an editor in house, they'll like working with Bani as her work is easy to edit—and she is happy to make edits/revisions as needed.

Maria West

Head of Brand and Editorial, Erudit

Hire Bani Kaur ASAP!She’s a fantastic partner and easy to work with. She thinks of things I wouldn’t know to ask or provide, even as a career content marketer. Huge research-brained asset! ✨


I’d be a perfect fit if you want a content partner who:


  • Is a B2B SaaS expert. 


  • Writes authoritative long-form pieces that rank for competitive keywords.


  • Understands every vertical in a B2B SaaS, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Partner networks, Finance, and People. 

  • Can interview your CEOs and C-Suite executives to highlight your brand’s unique ideas and voice.


  • Goes above and beyond to help your brand succeed. 


I’m not a good fit if you want a writer who:


  • Is a generalist.

  • Bulk-produces SEO pieces.

  • Works on a blog-by-blog basis.

  • Writes social media & short form content.

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