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Here's some of my recent work for CXL, Klaviyo, Sprout Social, and Litmus. 

Marketers have access to more data than they need. Your time on this page has already generated data on the pop-ups you close, how fast you read, and where your cursor stops. 

To extract value from the numbers in your analytics tools and on your dashboard, you need to organize them.

Bar graphs, pie charts, and matrices are data visualization tools that reveal trends and key findings in an understandable and engaging format. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to use data visualization to scale your organization through partner networks, sales enablement, and product-led content. We’ll also look at advanced data modeling tools and data visualization examples to automate your data representation. 

Breakdown of data, trends, and expert predictions for Memorial Day 2023 + 21 Brand campaigns explained in detail. 


Where does Twitter fit into the social commerce landscape, and who is buying on Twitter?

To answer this, we reviewed Twitter’s latest ecommerce features and looked to brands mastering them. We also explain how you can leverage these features to sell on Twitter and best practices to get started.


Picture this: you’ve crafted a brilliant email campaign with just the perfect messaging. You hit send and wait for clicks to start rolling in.

But nothing happens. 

Worse, your bounce rate sky-rocketed. 

Bad news: your email reputation might have taken a hit.

Good news: you can fix your email reputation with these steps.


To find out how editors felt about working with me, check out my testimonials. 

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