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Content Coaching for SaaS Teams

You already have a robust content strategy in place. Your pieces are aligned, defined, and well-outlined. But it takes you forever to move your writers from the first draft to the final piece. And even then, only a few lucky blogs rank or bring in leads, despite SEO briefs. 


Here’s what you’re missing: thought leadership with embedded SEO. 

In the last year of working with B2B SaaS champions like Klaviyo, Sprout Social, Litmus, CXL and many others, I’ve had featured snippets for highly competitive keywords outranking Hubspot, TechCrunch, and Mailchimp.

Here’s how I replicate this for you: 


Build a content writing team that hits the mark with every piece. 

Here's what every week of working together will look like and what you'll achieve.


"Bani is an excellent writer that really understands the B2B SaaS landscape. I've had the pleasure to work with her for 1+ year now and she delivered great pieces across the board, from thought leadership to summary pieces from mastermind sessions. She is a great person, takes great pride in her work, and always delivers quality work on time, with a smile."

-Daniel Nackovski

Co-Founder SaaS Nordic & SaaSiest, B2B SaaS Enthusiast and Angel Investor


There are freebies?

Of course. 

Resources that come with our engagement

  • Personalized writing checklists for each writer based on their strongest areas and

  • 1 step-by-step guide on research.

  • 1 step-by-step guide on interviewing thought leaders effectively.


If working with me goes perfectly, within 12 weeks, you'll have a well-oiled content engine with a team of excellent writers who get your brand voice, strategy, and operations.

You'll be producing more authoritative content faster. 

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