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Camille Trent

Head of Content, Dooly

Bani is super reliable and thorough. Typically, you get to pick two of these three with freelance writers (speed, quality, and reliability). Bani is all three. She's organized, thorough, responsive and, most importantly, knows how to write. She's especially good with long-form SEO that actually reads well, a rare skill these days. Would absolutely recommend.

Tracey Wallace

Director of Content, Klaviyo

"Bani Kaur went above and BEYOND"

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Ben Pines

Director of Content, Wordtune and AI21 Labs

I found out about Bani from a recommendation from a colleague. Since then, her name kept popping up from various people, always in the context of someone who really knows how to write.

This is not surprising. I feel so fortunate for working with Bani. She helped me built the Wordtune blog with some really amazing pieces of content, and more to come.

I've been writing and editing content for SaaS companies for over 15 years, and I've learned to recognize good talent. Bani manages to amaze me with her content. Her articles were just what I was looking for, and once I recognized her I remember writing simply: "I want more".

It's hard to find great writers, especially nowadays, when content has become such a commodity, generated sometimes by humans :).

For me, Bani re-establishes the belief that content will stay a valuable asset, irreplaceable by formulas, templates, freelance marketplaces and even AI.

Lia (Parisyan) Schmidt

VP of Content Marketing, Insider

Bani is a terrific writer and researcher. I'm impressed by how she can jump into any topic and write about it with ease. I hired her to work on a pillar post for a highly competitive keyword. She took my brief and went charging ahead and delivered a spectacular piece of content that's ranking number two without minimal backlinks. Bani doesn't regurgitate the Google Top 10. She really tries to understand and product or service and articulate its features, benefits, and opportunities in a compelling and educational way.

I look forward to working with Bani again in the future. What's more, she's a kind and considerate human being.

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